30-Plus Grants for Small Businesses


A loan isn’t your only option: Many government organizations offer grants to local businesses that meet certain eligibility requirements and qualifications. You can also find small business grants sponsored by corporations, nonprofits and independent organizations. Looking for more information on how to apply? Check out this related article on securing a business grant(https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1951-small-business-grant.html).

Because grants are generally not expected to be repaid, they aren’t given to just anyone. Most organizations have strict guidelines and reporting measures to ensure that grant recipients use the money wisely. Many grants require you to match or combine the grant with other forms of financing.

To successfully navigate the often-complicated process of applying for a small business grant, seek help from a financial professional.

Independent grants for small businesses

1. The Awesome Foundation

This independent organization(https://www.awesomefoundation.org/en/about_us) offers micro-grants of $1,000 each to small organizations or independent creators that are “advancing the interest of awesome.” Grants are awarded by independent local chapters around the world. The majority of awards go to projects that focus on community development, technology and the arts.

2. National Association for the Self-Employed Growth Grant

Micro-business owners who are also NASE members can apply for small business grants(https://www.nase.org/become-a-member/grants-and-scholarships/BusinessDevelopmentGrants.aspx) of up to $4,000. Grants are usually approved to finance a specific business need, such as buying equipment, hiring part-time help, creating a website, or investing in specific training and education. Grant winners are chosen monthly.

3. Idea Cafe Small Business Grant

Business Owners’ Idea Cafe awards a $1,000 micro-grant(https://www.businessownersideacafe.com/20th-small-busines-grant/application) to “the most inspirational business owner” in order to start or grow a business. Semifinalists are chosen by panel; finalists and the ultimate winner are chosen by open voting. The winner also receives a total of $1,500 in advertising credits, as well as free hosting for two years from Liquid Web, the award’s sponsor.

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buyerzone widgetState grants for small businesses

4. Economic Development Administration

The EDA, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, works with local, state and tribal agencies(https://www.eda.gov/resources/) to provide small businesses with grant money(https://www.eda.gov/grants/), as well as access to resources and training. These grants usually aim to support technology and innovation, as well as small businesses that create economic growth in underserved areas.

5. Arizona STEP Grant

Businesses in Arizona are eligible for the State Trade Expansion Program(https://www.azcommerce.com/programs/arizona-step-grant/) (STEP) Grant. This provides funding and support for Arizona small businesses entering export markets for the first time or expanding to new international markets.

6. Arkansas Infrastructure Grants

Businesses that create jobs through infrastructure, facility and site improvements in Arkansas are eligible for an Infrastructure Grant(https://www.arkansasedc.com/why-arkansas/business-climate/incentives/pages/job-creation-incentives). The amount of the grant awarded depends on the number of jobs created and their average wage, as well as the company’s strength and the project’s costs.

7. Colorado ...